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Thanks for checking out This site provides a quick and easy password generator tool.

You can use the options below to make your password secure or as simple as you like. Once you have selected your customizations click the generate password button to create your secure password.

We recommend choosing a minimum of 8 charters, the longer you can make it the better!.

Generate here! Just fill out this form and click "Generate Password"!

Password Strength Meter

Try out our simple strength meter and see where your password measures up! Enter your password in the box and then press enter. A complex password with 9 characters or more should give you a green tick!

Guidelines for a good password

A good password will be any mix of numbers, letters, symbols and words.

To create your good secure password follow these guidelines below.
  • Dont use proper (dictionary) words.
  • Make your password as long as possible, at least 8 characters or more.
  • Try to use both upper and lower case letters.
  • Mix together numbers and symbols. (dont be obvious and replace an L with a 1 or a O with a 0)
  • Try not to re-use old passwords.
  • Never use your name, your friends name or family names.
  • Password guessing, How passwords are cracked!

    Passwords everywhere! They seem to be needed for everything now. And Its common for us to be lazy and choose week passwords or just keep reusing the same old passwords over and over again. Weak, moderate or even so called strong passwords can be cracked! Especially with the ever increasing power of PCs and software tools. There are many methods to compromise a password which we should all be aware of.

    Social engineering

    Isnt that man friendly, but be aware why? if the attacker is able to gain any individual information regarding you the user thats exactly what the attacker wants, they may even coax you into telling them your password. No IT skills needed!


    In a phishing attack you may be asked via email or receive some form of communication in which you will need to respond and provide your password information, just be vigilant!

    The brute force attack

    A brute force attack as the name suggest is strategically guessing what the password might be by either using known information about the user or just running through all possible combinations until the password is found.

    Dictionary attack

    In a dictionary attack, as the name suggests you would just run through a list of words imported from a dictionary file until the password is compromised.

    Creating a good random password is key to lower the risk of a password attack begin successful.

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